Everlast Rubber Crumb Surfaces - installers of Pathsways & Patios


Patios make an ideal area in your garden for entertaining or relaxing in.  A patio can transform any garden and with little maintenance required can keep the garden looking good all year round.  It also keeps the garden low maintenance to upkeep with the busy lives most people lead.

Install or re-surface your patio. We offer a number of professional options for surfacing your patio area.  Rubber Crumb comes in a variety of colours and we can incorporate different designs and edgings.

Rubber crumb is designed to re-surface over an existing patio if possible or  your patio can be installed from scratch.

The pathway was created using block paving edging and a rubber crumb path

The patio is also edged with block paving and the designs incorporated

Design shapes incorporated into the patio area

Completed patio with design incorporated and block pave edgings to contrast

Finished patio and pathway


Whether you are looking to transform a garden footpath, a footpath within your business premises or a footpath in a busy tourist spot, our Rubber Crumb Surface range can transform a simple walkway in to a decorative footpath that is a pleasure to walk on.
 Our range of rubber crumb surfaces is suitable for all garden paths and busy walkways and you can also have a mix and match of colours and designs incorporated as well as having different types of borders installed using different materials.


Steps can be incorporated into your driveway, patio or path design.

Where else can it be used?

Rubber crumb wet pour system is excellent wherever an anti slip surface is required.

It can be used practically anywhere.  It has been used in stable yards and will reduce the risk of injury to both horse and rider dramatically. Wet pour has proved very successful in race colours, training yards and domestic yards throughout out the UK. Wet pour can be applied to most concrete and tarmac areas even if cracked broken or uneven. Rubber crumb wet pour is bonded to your existing surface with high tensile polyurethane binders. The high tensile rubber is durable, presentable and just soft enough for horses to get a firm grip and prevent slipping.

We can transform your patios and paths

  •     Low Maintenance

  •     Multiple Choice of Colours

  •     Puddle Free and Weed Resistant

  •     Ultimate Strength and Durability

  •     Quick Installation

  •     No Need for costly and disruptive

  •     excavation of your current driveway

  •     Quality Materials used

  •     Hardwearing



One of the great advantages of the rubber crumb surfacing system is its’ versatility. It can be used on most projects, to any scale, and to suit any budget. Possible uses include driveways, paths and patios, footpaths, cycleways, bus lanes and road junctions, commercial properties, sports areas, school playgrounds, car parks … the list goes on!


Rubber crumb surfaces are extremely adaptable and can be used in large or small areas.


As well as these fully equipped kits, we can also supply you with a liquid de-icer as part of the  after care maintenance. This is applied onto the surface to prevent ice from forming on it during very cold weather and making the area slippery.


Applying the liquid de-icer will ensure that the  area is safe for use all year round. Please use our contact form to get in touch with us if you need some advice on rubbercover maintenance or if you’d like us to send you over a repair kit or some liquid de-icer for your rubbercover surface



Rubber safety surfacing is commonly used for play areas in nurseries, schools, driveways, patios, paths and public parks as it’s a durable and impact absorbing surface type, however sometimes wet pour repair can be necessary.


Although it’s a relatively low maintenance surface specification, prolonged heavy use can lead to damage or flooding in some parts of the flooring. It’s important to take care of these issues as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading and causing the surface to become unsafe