Everlast Rubber Crumb Surfaces - A rubber crumb driveway is a great alternative to tarmac driveways

Building a new rubber crumb drive


Removed plants and dug up the lawn and levelled ground in preparation

Once the hardcore and ground was levelled, the next stage was to concrete the base 

Finished product

Laid the rubber crumb surface with a pattern incorporated


A rubber crumb driveway is a great alternative to tarmac driveways. The rubber crumb is mixed with aggregates and gives exceptional anti skid properties and a very hard wearing surface to make it the perfect rubber driveway.

A rubber driveway or patio is an ideal product where there is a risk of falling from children or the elderly.

Our rubber surface is also extremely resistant to salt and cracking.

Rubber crumb comes in over 30 different colours and textures, so the design aspect of your rubber driveway can be truly bespoke.

Rubber crumb is also one of the few driveway products that can be applied to a good standing, structurally sound existing driveway or patio. This means if no excavation or little preparation is needed, the cost of a rubber driveway or paving can be a fraction of a normal driveway cost, whilst still holding a long life guarantee.

Before & After 2



What is it made out of?


The rubber is made from recycled tyres, shredded into different sizes then mixed with a high strength resin.

Before & After


Can Rubber Crumb be used over my existing drive?

Yes, it is one of a few driveways materials which can be overlaid on a existing drive or patio.

The superb flexibility of the rubber makes it an ideal product for an overlay system for driveways, paths, wooden decking and patios .

The rubber crumb can be installed over virtually any paving product e.g. tarmac, concrete, wood and even block paving!



Is it a better choice than tarmac?

Structurally there isn't a great deal of difference between the two of the products if both are laid correctly.

The rubber has more colour options than tarmac and it is also less slippery.

There is also less chance of injury if you fall on it.

Why choose us?

As rubber crumb surfacing specialists who are at the forefront of resin technology, our experienced surface installation team is able to surface or re-surface old, tired driveways, walkways, patios and paths with minimum disruption.

Not only do we offer a surfacing solution that looks attractive, rubber crumb surfacing products are also easy to clean and maintain.